Wedding Family Feud: Audience Responses

Mrs. Lexaholik and I had the time of our lives this weekend at the wedding reception we planned for our close friends and family. When we put together our reception timeline, we asked Mrs. Lexaholik’s siblings to put together an audience participatory game. (We’ve seen games at other people’s weddings so we thought it might be fun.)

They ended up creating a Family Feud type game show. For those of you who don’t know, Family Feud involves two teams competing to see who can name the most popular responses to survey questions. With the substantial help of Mrs. Lexaholik’s brother’s girlfriend, an e-mail survey was sent to our guests, asking them to answer five different questions (more on those below). The five most popular answers to each question were ranked and used as answers for the game. Mrs. Lexaholik and I got to choose a few people each and we were split up into Bride and Groom teams. I may be biased but it was the most fun and hilarious game I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

family feud

Afterwards, I received the full set of audience responses to the questions and I thought I’d share them, because some of them are hilarious. So without further ado, here are the five questions and some of the best responses we received:

1. Planning a wedding is hard work, even more so if you are doing it while still working full-time at a hospital. What is Mrs. Lexaholik’s worst wedding reception nightmare?

  • Not having enough food
  • Running out of alcohol.
  • Running out of cupcakes
  • No one dances
  • Nobody shows up
  • People not having fun
  • Ex-boyfriend showing up
  • That her friends will leave early
  • That no one will play games!
  • Re watching This is the End
  • Big poofy dress; Her dress rips
  • Catching a cold
  • Emergency calls
  • Having to host the wedding at the hospital while working
  • Lexaholik forgets to show up
  • Lexaholik gets in a fight
  • Lexaholik has a medical emergency because he danced too hard and tried to do a split
  • Lex Vader

2. Lexaholik gets invited to a pick up basketball game with his fraternity brothers, but he already has plans with Mrs. Lexaholik. What excuse does he give her to get out of the plans and join the bros?

  • Lexaholik doesn’t give excuses.
  • He would probably just tell her the truth and she would understand. They are awesome like that
  • Ball is life
  • Lexaholik would ditch his bros for her
  • His chapter got caught hazing and he needs to get on a conference call to give his legal advice so CMU doesn’t kick his chapter off campus
  • Emergency lawyer stuff
  • I need to exercise
  • He’s going to the bar to hit on girls.
  • I… Left my wallet at work
  • No excuse needed: simple lawyerly logic will suffice
  • A new TCPA case came in
  • He needs to fulfill his voluntering hours at the local school as a janitor.
  • He needs a solid workout before the big day!
  • Need to study
  • Honey, I am going out to buy a wedding decoration and will be back in two hours.
  • His friends need him because they are having girl trouble
  • Lex Vader

3. Marriage is full of ups and downs. While the reception is certainly a time of bliss, Lexaholik and Mrs. Lexaholik will eventually hit a pot hole. What will their first disagreement be about?

  • Work
  • Money spending
  • What to eat
  • Baggy jeans are back in style
  • Forgetting to put up the toilet seat
  • If the left over wedding food should be boxed home as meals for the next month.
  • Whether their firstborn should be named Jeremy Lin
  • Whether Lexaholik will first run for the House or Senate
  • Being a Knicks or Warriors fan
  • Snoring too loud
  • What’s for dinner the day after wedding? Detox smoothie or KFC?
  • When he wins a board game against her.
  • Who is going to wash the dishes.
  • Kenny’s blue suit
  • Leaving socks around the house
  • Whether Young and Dangerous 6 is Oscar-worthy
  • Being too drunk on wedding night
  • Lexaholik cannot give up coffee even though it decreases his reproductive abilities
  • Beating her in a game of trivia
  • Furniture. Mrs. Lexaholik once told me how annoyed she was with the lack of furnishing in his NYC apartment. One time she was visiting, she went out and bought a bunch of furniture for him (I’m pretty sure this was without telling him) and made him pay for all of it too.
  • Whether it’s worth it to subscribe to NBA league pass to watch the Knicks
  • Lex Vader

4. There are so many reasons to love Mrs. Lexaholik. Which of her many amazing qualities does Lexaholik most appreciate?

  • Beautiful, positive thinking, hard working understandable.
  • Big heart and smile
  • She makes him laugh
  • Her adventurous spirit.
  • Patience
  • Her passion
  • Genuine down to earth and smart
  • Kindness and beauty
  • Her support and the feeling of being on the same team
  • Her gentle and caring nature
  • She pushes him to be a better person and is so supportive.
  • Her cooking
  • Her ability to strike a pose for a cute photo
  • She stopped kicking him out of cabs
  • He loves that she has so many friends because he has none
  • That she’s a girl and has boobs
  • Lex Vader

5. There may be even more reasons to love Lexaholik. Which of his many stud-ly qualities does Mrs. Lexaholik most appreciate?

  • Making her laugh
  • Ability to be understandably rational
  • Honesty
  • Work ethic and intelligence
  • He’d give up almost everything just to be by her side (aw!)
  • Hair
  • Broad chest
  • Insights on complex matters.
  • Steak-cooking skills
  • Basketball skills
  • Rapping skills
  • Facebook status writing skills
  • His ability to tell funny jokes while looking like a monkey
  • Mrs. Lexaholik mentioned that she was first attracted to Lexaholik because he was fun as in he was super social and was the life of the party. Little did she know he is actually a loser.
  • Lex Vader


I hope you all enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Thanks again to Mrs. Lexaholik’s Family + Co. for putting this hilarious game together. If you have any questions, like what the heck Lex Vader is (I had to ask someone to find out) please subscribe to my blog by entering your e-mail in the box in the top right and I will let you know.

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