i give up

i must write or i have nowhere else to let this out!
the eye doctor was pretty fun stuff today. as if walking in the frigid janurary weather wasnt bad enough, the eye dude made fun of my eyes. he said that my left eyelid covered more of my eyes and that i have oddly shaped eyes. yeah so i guess it wasn’t enough of an insult two years ago when he pleasantly informed me that some people have a basketball shaped eyes..or tennis ball shaped eyes, and i’m so damn asian that i have FOOTBALL shaped eyes. later he puts in eye drops that dilate my pupils. then he puts more drops in to undilate them. damn drops made my eyes look like that frost guy from blade. u know, when the blood flows into his eyes? yeah i looked pretty scary. think i scared away all the salespeople at old navy when i went to shop around later.
speaking of shopping around. these damn annoying salespeople. at urban terrain they look at me like i’m a damn criminal…stalking me around the store 3 ft behind me. constantly asking if i need help. pretending to back off then staring at me menacingly from behind the counter. damn yo. and those pushy jewelry salespeople. trying to sell me blings for 15 bucks. actually they looked pretty good. probably woulda cost me in the ballpark of 40 at the mall. but i mean .. so pushy. im like yeah ill be back theyre like NO! try on NOW! im like you mean that nasty dirty thing…right up into my ear? i don’t think so bro. so i hauled ass out of that motha and didnt look back. actually i felt kinda bad for the sales dude. he looked kinda … pitiful. him and his wife and his three kids behind the counter. shit, maybe i should go back and buy the damn blings …
can you believe i can’t wait to go back to pittsburgh? life here is good but … im missin cmu. whoa.

i’m a sucker for trends

wide legs for ’98, spiky hair in ’99, parachute pants for ’00, & earrings in ’01. whats hot for 2002? online journals!
first i gota get off my chest how stupid i think online journals are. i know its hypocritical but … then again, i am a college student at home with nothing to do. why put an online journal up? first thought comes to mind: people want to know what i’m thinking! yeah right. no, it doesnt work that way. only reason why i check people’s online journal things is cuz i am SO FRIGGIN BORED. thats right. i have nothing better to do. then..i read all this crap that i don’t care about. people always talking about schoolwork..blahblah blah..”oh i’m so tired today” blah blah blah i have this test on wednesday and that test on thursday oh my life is so hard. shut the hell up. nobody cares! you know what i want to read? i wanna hear about the juicy stuff. the stuff that is kept “private”..you know. gossip! thats the kind of news that i’m interested in. yeah, i live a sad life…but.. again, i am bored out of my mind. when i am bored out of my mind, i dont wanna read the monotonous details of your sorry ass life… iwana read about the deep dark secrets that you don’t want to tell anyone! ha! yeah….but then again you probably dont have the balls to put that online for everyone to read.