Example of My Successful Letter Of Continued Interest

Here is the Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) I sent to Northwestern after I was placed on the waitlist.

What is a letter of continued interest?

A letter of continued interest (LOCI) is a letter you send to law schools explaining why you are still very much interested in attending. LOCIs are usually sent by applicants who have been deferred, held, or waitlisted.

Two important observations I want to highlight in my example below:

  • I expressly state that I would attend if offered a spot. Don’t say this unless you truly mean it.
  • Always have a reason for contacting the admissions committee. I included an award I received at work as my “reason” for sending an update. The award I received wasn’t extraordinary–employees frequently receive this recognition. You may include other accomplishments or accolades you’ve received in recent months.


Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is [Lexaholik] and I am a [Waitlisted] applicant for the class of [2010]. I would like to reemphasize my specific interest in [Northwestern Law]. Even though I am free of the obligation, if offered a spot in the class, I will certainly choose to attend.

Since late October, when I submitted my Early Decision application, I have received a [Thanks Award from my division manager at IBM Consulting for my stellar performance this past fall.] Though I have only been working for a little under a year and a half, I have developed a sophisticated view of the business and of my particular career interests.*

Even though this time is fraught with anxiety for applicants, I understand that the admissions staff has the thankless job of putting together a well rounded first year class in the face of great uncertainty. Therefore, if there is any more information I can provide to make your job easier, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



* I added the language about business because I knew Northwestern Law has a business bent to it, and would appreciate candidates with business/career experience.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Should I write a LOCI?

Generally yes unless the school explicitly says to NOT submit LOCIs.


What if I haven’t heard from the school yet?

Then NO. LOCIs are appropriate only for waitlisted/deferred candidates.


How long should the LOCI be?

Less than one page, preferably under 250 words. Admissions doesn’t really care about what you have to say, with a couple of exceptions.


What should I include in the LOCI?

The things they care about are: (1) if you’re still interested; (2) the odds you’d accept their offer; and to a lesser extent (3) your supplemental information. They don’t care about anything else. The more quickly you can address these 3 points, the better off you are.


To whom should the LOCI be addressed?

When you receive a WL or deferral, you receive a notice through a letter signed by someone. Address your LOCI to that someone. If it’s a generic “Admissions Committee” then “Sir or Madam” may work.


Should I mention other schools I’ve been admitted to?

There is no right answer. Use your judgment. And only include the schools if they’re comparable. If you’re trying to get into Northwestern, it may help to mention that you’ve also gotten into other T14s or, say, University of Illinois w/ substantial money. It probably won’t help to mention that you’ve gotten into Loyola Chicago or Chicago Kent.


Should I mail or e-mail the LOCI?

Follow your school’s instructions. If there are none, try to send the LOCI in through snail mail. It’s more of a hassle (especially since you need to follow up with the school to make sure they’ve received it) but worth it because you know someone at the admissions office will have to open it. Alternatively, another way to do it is to generate a PDF and attach it to an e-mail.


Updated on May 25, 2016

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