Do NOT Cancel Your LSAT Score

Now that it’s finally over, I bet many of you are wondering the same thing: “Should I cancel my LSAT score?” I’m sure there are some of you who crushed it on Saturday–but most of you are probably feeling uneasy about how you did. So I’ll help you make the decision:

No. Do not cancel your LSAT score. 

There’s a lot of debate online about whether you should cancel your LSAT score. You are obviously free to make your own decision, but in my personal opinion you should never, ever cancel your LSAT score. Here’s why.

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How To Get Into A Top Law School With a Low GPA

Are you trying to get into a top law school? Do you feel discouraged because you’ve got bad college grades?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I was once a C+ student who was told he had no shot at getting into a good law school. Instead of believing the experts, I decided to do my own research. I read books, online articles, and spoke to law school admissions officers.

And you know what I found out?

It’s absolutely possible. In fact, each year, hundreds of applicants get into some of the country’s most prestigious law schools.

Every. Single. Year.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely not easy. It requires discipline, patience, and hard work.

I know this because I did it myself. I got into Northwestern Law, a Top 14 law school, with a GPA less than 3.0.


How exactly did I pull it off?

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Can A High LSAT Make Up For Low Grades?

Those of you with low undergraduate grades are undoubtedly wondering: Is your LSAT score more important than your GPA? What if you have a perfect LSAT score but a bad GPA? Can a high LSAT make up for low grades?

When I was thinking about applying to law school, I wondered about the answer to this question as well. I was a college kid with a C+ average and wanted to know if I could get into a good law school. If not, I could move on and explore other career opportunities.

I asked around and most people gave me discouraging news. Especially the so-called experts. They all said: “Even if you got a super high LSAT score there’s no way you can get into a good school with those grades.”

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

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What GPA Do You Need To Get Into Law School?

Ever wonder what’s the lowest GPA you can have and still get into a top law school?

I used to think that everyone who went to law school had top college grades. I figured at the very least, those who got into the top schools had straight As. As someone with a C+ average, I thought it was impossible to get in.

After all, that’s what my advisors told me.

We couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Should You Take a LSAT Prep Course? Five Questions to Ask Yourself First

Should you take a LSAT prep course? We know that the LSAT is the most important factor when it comes to law school admissions. And we know that the way you do well on the LSAT is by studying and taking practice tests. So naturally, the first question prospective law students is whether they should take an LSAT course.

The answer depends a bunch of factors, including where you are currently scoring, what your personal tendencies are, and your strengths and weaknesses. There’s no way to figure out what the best LSAT prep course is until you get a sense of where you’re at. In this post, I will lay out 5 questions you should ask yourself first before making the decision to sign up for a LSAT prep course.


LSAT classroom

Return on Investment

The decision of whether or not to take a LSAT prep course should not be based on money/cost.  Getting an additional 2-3 points on your LSAT could be the difference between paying full tuition or getting a full scholarship to law school. As I’ve written about before, admissions officers at certain schools have publicly explained how they evaluate candidates, and have said that a high LSAT can mitigate a lot of other weak factors in an application.

So even though LSAT prep courses can be expensive–costing anywhere from $500 to $2,000—they have extremely high ROI. Even if you end up spending over $10,000 on books, courses, and tutors, if that effort helps you get a few more points on the LSAT, you might end up a scholarship valued anywhere between $15,000 to $180,000+. And if you’re willing to sit on waitlists, you can get into a far better school than your grades may suggest.

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Note: In the past, LSAT courses were done in a classroom format where an instructor would teach you at a bricks-and-mortar location. These days, there are a wide range of online LSAT prep courses you can use from the comfort of your own house. Online courses tend to be more affordable than live bricks-and-mortar courses.

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