About Me

I’m a former underachiever who became a successful lawyer. I spent years working hard to build up my legal resume, which includes Northwestern Law, a federal clerkship, and Sullivan & Cromwell.

Over time, I slowly realized how silly the whole law game is.

Competing with hundreds or thousands of other JDs who are more than happy to jump through all the hoops? 

Billable hoursDoc review? Kissing ass?

No thank you.

Maybe it’s because I’m just bad at the game. Or maybe it’s because I value autonomy and freedom more than money and prestige. I guess it doesn’t really matter why. I decided to jump off the traditional legal path and blaze my own trail.


About Lexaholik.com

I created this website as (1) my personal blog and (2) give you some advice on how to establish yourself as a young lawyer.  My writing has been featured on The Spivey Law School Admissions Consulting Blog, 8Asians.com, and The Black Swan Report.

I also wrote and delivered a speech at my law school graduation where I received the first ever standing ovation for a student speaker. I was also profiled in Carnegie Mellon’s alumni website here.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.